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PHOTOS: Redhead Performs @HiphopYogaLive (8/21/2014)

Recently, I visited the University of Maryland in College Park to perform at their student-run radio station WMUC. I decided to perform my song Talk White because I love performing it. After walking around the campus for an hour to find the place (sooooo huge!), I found the spot and helped set up with the staff before showtime.

What didn’t occur to me was that there was a contest involved with other awesome artists, and I was voted as the best performer. My prize was a slot to perform in Brooklyn, NY with acclaimed artist Nitty Scott, MC. I’m honored for this occasion and I’m gonna go so hard in the set up there. If you live in New York or visiting, go to the right side of my page for the show’s information and come see me live! Here’s some pics from the event.














All Photos are courtesy of Stef Luvaa

RECAP VIDEO: Meridian Block Party Performance (8/16/2014)

This past weekend, I performed at the annual Meridian Block Party in Columbia Heights DC for the 3rd year in a row. This was somewhat of an interesting opportunity because I performed in a group the previous two years. On behalf of that, I’ve decided to set up a solo set where I would basically be on stage for 45 minutes long. Yes, you read this right: 45 MINUTES! I even broke the set in the middle to include one-half of the duo Deuce & Oeaux to perform “Bowflex” and let him do a freestyle for the crowd, which definitely had people hype. Shouts to the homies Flex Mathews, Aquil, Stacy, and Navid who I also saw up there.

Unfortunately, my cameraman couldn’t make it to tape any of the performance (wack), but I’ve included a little video that I taped myself from the event. It’s about a man that periodically kept coming to us and wanting to speak on the mic and finally getting his chance….to profess his love? You decide.



VIDEO RECAP: Redhead & The FarEXP @ Brooklyn Wildlife Festival

Here’s a dope video recap of the Brooklyn Wildlife Festival that took place at The Paper Box in Bushwick this past weekend. We had a lot of fun over there. Shouts to Chris Carr and the whole staff.

SHOWING LOVE: Adams Morgan Day

I just want to say thank you to everybody that came to see me at the Belmont stage on Adams Morgan Day. It was an honor and a privilege to perform there with talented individuals and an amazing crowd. Shouts to the FarEXP, The Whole Damme Delegation, Night Train, Blakk King, and everyone else who came through and rocked the stage. It was a great moment of us having fun.

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Photos: Redhead @ Rock & Roll Hotel 7/11/2013

This show was live and full of energy. Good times. Video footage is underway.