PHOTOS: Stephen Redhead Attends the 2018 Grammy Awards

After hustling the release of the Exxxactly project over the past year, I’ve finally managed to get an invitation to the Grammy Awards. It was super surreal to watch the show from the seats, meeting high profile figures in the music industry, and eats TONS of food and drinks at the afterparty. It let me fully realize that I belong in the game and that it’s cooler to be yourself in a situation like that. I sat in the nosebleeds at the show, but so was Tina Campbell from Mary Mary, so I guess that’s not so bad (haha). The work has been recognized but it’s far from complete. There’s more to be done. Welcome to my journey.

Grammy Weekend | redheadpg | VSCO

Pics from my trip to the 2018 Grammy Awards in New York City

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